Mission Statement:
This is a Spiritual House that is fully accepting of All of God’s Children regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, gender, uniqueness, race, or religious background.  This Spiritual House unapologetic worships in the true name and spirit of YAHWEH- GOD. This Spiritual House unapologetic worships in the African American experience. This Spiritual House is also a Spiritual Hospital for all who have been injured, abandoned and deprived of spiritual food.  All can come into this place to be spiritually healed by the power of our Divine Shepherd in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Join us for weekly worship service on Sundays 12:30PM. 7860A Dorchester Road,   North Charleston SC 29406.

Vision Statement:
This church is built on the principles of Unity Fellowship Church of Christ Liberation Theology. Through these principles and teachings this space has become a center for ALL social justice issues. This center is a place to restore, rebuild and renew the lives of ALL of God’s children. Just as the Prophet Nehemiah was assigned to rebuild and restore the walls of Jerusalem, the Pastor of this house has been assigned to rebuild and restore God’s people that are led to this space by the counsel of the Holy Spirit. Nehemiah; Chapter 2:18b          “Let us start rebuilding”