Both of these ministries seek to serve the needs of those who need it the most, while "Walking the Talk" of Matthews 25:40

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact Deacon Brittany at


       PUB Outreach     (People Under the Bridge)

PUB Outreach Ministry was founded by our Late "Church  Mother" Carolyn Mack Luke - Scott. PUB Outreach ministry volunteers at The Florence Crittenton Program once a month, to prepare breakfast while ministering through conversation to expecting teen mothers and their staff. PUB Outreach Ministry also donates food and clothing to various shelters around the Tri-county Area.

  JUSTUS - The Least of These

JUSTUS - The Least of These was founded by Deacon Brittany Bennett in 2017 and has been deemed our "hand and feet ministry". JUSTUS hand prepares blessing bags that are filled with love, food, toiletries and small clothing items that are delivered to "unhomed" persons in Downtown Charleston.

If you would like to donate to our ministries, please contact us.