Born in Harlem, NY by the Late Alex Lee and Jean Johnson Arrington, Robert Arrington knew at a young age God was calling him to ministry.  In 1994, after many life challenges, he finally accepted the called on his life of ministry at his family church, Mt Level l Missionary Baptism Church in Durham NC with then Pastor, Dr. Rev. William C. Tuner Jr. Reverend Arrington wanted to preach in spirit and truth, so for six years he fought to be ordained as a same sex –loving gender minister.  After this, Reverend Arrington moved to Charlotte on June 3, 2001 to help then Reverend Tonyia Rawls, open Unity fellowship Church Charlotte.  Reverend Arrington became a minister of UFC-Charlotte under the Unity Fellowship Movement in 2003. In 2005, he was ordained as Reverend Robert Arrington and in 2006 he was ordained as Assistant Pastor at Tawa Pano Unity Fellowship Church in Rochester, NY with the founder Dr. Rev. Sharon Jacobson.   In 2009, Reverend Arrington was commissioned by Archbishop and the House of Bishop to open Unity Fellowship Church in South Carolina.  In September of 2009, Charleston was chosen as the city for Unity Fellowship Church Charleston SC (UFCCSC).  October of 2010, UFCCSC was chartered under Unity Fellowship Church Movement and Reverend Arrington was ordained as Pastor of UFCCSC.


Pastor Arrington has a BA in Religious Studies from the University of North Carolina- Charlotte in 2005.  He has been in a loving relationship with his soul mate, First Gentleman Theodore Robinson-Arrington for more than 10 years. Pastor Arrington isn’t just a man of God; he is an Activist of Humanity for social change. For more than 20 years he has been doing HIV/AIDS work, which will soon become a larger part of UFCCSC ministry.